The Food Stretcher Plus connects the underserved grocery shopper to brands, retailers and to the community

The Food Stretcher Plus is proud to offer a solution to help the low to middle income (LTMI) and government subsidized grocery shopper (SNAP, WIC Unemployment etc.), purchase more quantity and quality of food and household products at the grocery store. In addition, the Food Stretcher Plus offer their patented method that puts more fruits and vegetables on the table without exhausting the food budget from the “Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conversion Method”

The Food Stretcher Plus program: increases the purchasing power of this shopper and create opportunities for brands to incrementally increase in brand sells and market share from this hard to reach demographic. The Food Stretcher Plus program also contributes to participating brands community goodwill initiatives. Last but certainly not least, with the Food Stretcher Plus, participating grocery retailers now have a tool to win the battle of market share erosion caused by dollar stores by generating more foot traffic from this needed service. A win win win for everyone, the consumer, brand and the grocery store.