An eCommerce Solution for Grocery Retailers to Impact and Attract Shoppers

“Win the Battle of Market Share Erosion caused by Value Retailers & Big Box Stores”

When Grocers Partner With the Food Stretcher Plus They Receive:

  1. More Customers – A solution to increase foot traffic at no cost to the grocery retailer
  2. A new revenue stream for assisting and participating in the Food Stretcher Plus program
  3. A method to combat dollar stores, discounters and other value retailer encroachments
  4. The Food Stretcher Plus can become the grocers value added discount format program
  5. A program that impacts existing customers and attract new customers
  6. A loyalty customer group knowing that the participating supermarket is supporting a needed program
  7. A positive presence in the community, the home and on the smart phone of these shoppers


  1. Profit margins are enhanced by the sales of brands promoted by the Food Stretcher Plus program
  2. Generating two revenue streams from one transaction when using the patented Food Stretcher Plus “Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conversion Program”
  3. Additional revenue to the retailer from the electronic coupon handling charge paid from each participating brand sold
  4. Increase in revenue of non-sale items from the increased foot traffic
  5. Provide participating retailers with a competitive point of difference
  6. Increase loyalty and goodwill from this dynamic customer group
  7. Participating retailer’s logo, store locations and presence is multiplied via print, app and website